martes, 18 de mayo de 2010


Today, I received an invitation on Facebook to join one of those groups in which people gather to proclaim their indignation regarding a subject they will probably do nothing about in real life. Of course, most of these things are out of control for a common citizen, but I still get the feeling that, when you look at a demonstration, there are certain people missing that you would have expected to attend, given their passion for the cause when talking was all there was to it.

The reason it unsettled me was that I think I agree with the general message, but I am not sure everyone who joined that group did so for the same reasons. It is called "Indecent". It starts by quoting the Spanish Vicepresident, María Teresa de la Vega: "It is indecent that, with a -1% inflation rate and 4 million unemployed, there are still some people that refuse to raise the mandatory retirement to the age of 70." Then it goes on about what is actually indecent: minimum salary for an average worker on 624 /month VS minimum MP salary on 3996 /month, higher salary for council members of any small town than for an NHS surgeon or a University chair... etcetera.

Ironically enough, the quote is false. The Vicepresident has not even been misquoted: she just never said anything like that. The closest to these words actually came from a leading member of the Conservative Party, Esperanza Aguirre, over a year ago: "It is a scandal to see a raise in state workers' salaries, when we are on negative inflation and everyone else is struggling to make ends meet." Certain things are lost in translation, but Aguirre used the first person in the original Spanish quote, i.e. counted herself as one of those economically struggling citizens. Hah.

Be that as it may, I feel inclined to agree with the rest. Every time this subject comes up (politicians' salaries) I try to be careful and think of why things should be as they are. I understand that, given the present state of democracy, the job is not easy --at least psychologically. But I just can't see a justification for the difference in salaries. No compensation should reach those numbers. Eventually I tend to think that if things stay the same is only because no one who thinks otherwise will ever be allowed to make a career in politics. Who will rise within a party, locally, regionally or nationally, with such a dangerous idea? And at the same time I get the feeling that I might be missing an important point, and I'm just oversimplifying a complex issue.

I didn't join the group. Reading through the Wall, it was full of comments against the party in power, claims for the Glory of Spain and even the most unrelated, racist and uncalled for opinions about why the country is going through this economic Hell. I might share the concern for what doesn't look appropriate, but the fuck if I'm going to join anything with people like that in it.

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  2. Sociata :p

    With that said, I gotta agree with you on the concern about high salaries but, consider one thing: how much do these people earn in their real jobs? And I am not talking about "low-class politicians" but people like Gallardón, Gabilondo, Mª Teresa or Rajoy. It is very likely that their salaries in their previous jobs were similar (or even higher) than the ones they have now... How do you convince those people to quit their "comfortable" jobs and go rule a country. It's not that easy and there must be some sort of economic reward. Of course, as everywhere else, there are people who are just there for the sake of money, but as I said, that happens everywhere.

  3. Qué sociata, es un rojazo del copón! xD

    FYI: El sueldo de Zapatero (por poner un ejemplo de un sueldo conocido públicamente) es menor que el de un trabajador con responsabilidades medio-altas en una empresa media en España (mejor no te digo en UK). No hace falta ser presidente de la empresa ni nada de eso. Es decir, hay MILES (por no decir DECENAS de MILES) de personas en España que cobran más que el Presidente del Gobierno, cuya responsabilidad (no hablamos de formación, porque no es lo relevante aquí) es cientos de veces mayor que esos MILES de personas.

    ¿Te parece justo?

    Y ahora vas, y lo traduces xD

  4. Por si no te había quedado claro en inglés, te dicen algo similar en español. Deberías hacer caso a la gente sabia que te rodea, que somos muchos y muy listos xD